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If you want to deal with a company who puts your requirements first and thinks of you as a person and not just a "commission" then you are looking in the right place. We pride ourselves in matching our tenant's requirements with the properties on our books and delivering to you accommodation of a good standard. We let and manage unfurnished flats and houses and bungalows throughout 'Mablethorpe, Sutton on Sea, Alford & Chapel St Leonards'. Please click on 'Property Search' on the left to view a short list, please bear in mind however, our properties can go quite quickly so you should contact us for current availability.

Please note that for your safety and peace of mind -



Guide for Tenants
Finding a property in Mablethorpe, Sutton on Sea, Alford, Chapel St Leonards. The first step is to look at this guide to understand our system, then look at the available properties on the properties page, It is wise to start looking about a month before you wish to move, as the nicer properties are viewed and reserved quickly. If you see one you like then contact the office to arrange a viewing. 

Our tenancies are granted for a minimum term of 6 months.

Although some of our properties accept Housing Benefit Claimants, smokers, children and pets - some don't, so before you arrange a viewing for a particular property, please contact our office for the criteria.

For help and advice download the How to Rent Guide. produced by the Government. From 1st October 2015.

The Immigration Act 2014 comes into force from 1st February 2016.

All adult occupies will have to prove they are entitled to rent and will need to provide recognised documents as listed below:

List A - British, EEA, Swiss Nationals or those with an indefinite right to be in the UK

Group 1 - Any one of these documents will prove indefinite right to rent
1 A passport (current or expired) showing that the holder is a British citizen or a citizen of the UK and Colonies having the 'right of abode' in the UK.
2 A passport or national identity card (current or expired) showing that the holder is a national of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.
3 A registration certificate or document (current or expired) certifying or indicating permanent residence issued by the Home Office, to a national of the European Economic Area country or Switzerland.
4 A 'permanent' residence card, 'indefinite leave to remain', 'indefinite leave to enter' or 'no time limit' card issued by the Home Office (current or expired), to a non-EEA national who is a family member of an EEA or Swiss national.
5 A biometric 'residence permit' card (current or expired) issued by the Home Office to the holder indicating that the person named has 'indefinite' leave in the UK, or has 'no time limit' on their stay in the UK.
6 A passport or other 'travel document' (current or expired) endorsed to show that the holder is either 'exempt from immigration control', has 'indefinite' leave in the UK, has the 'right of abode' in the UK, or has 'no time limit' on their stay in the UK.
7 An immigration status document (current or expired) containing a photograph issued by the Home Office to the holder with an endorsement indicating that the named person has 'indefinite' leave in the UK or has 'no time limit' on their stay in the UK the UK or has no time limit on their stay in the UK.
8 A certificate of registration or naturalisation as a British citizen.
Group 2 - Any two of these documents will prove indefinite right to rent
1 A full birth or adoption certificate issued in the UK, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or Ireland, which includes the name(s) of at least one of the holder's parents or adoptive parents.
2 Evidence (identity card, document of confirmation issued by one of HM forces, confirmation letter issued by the Secretary of State) of the holder's previous or current service in any of HM's UK armed forces.
3 A letter from HM Prison Service, the Scottish Prison Service or the Northern Ireland Prison Service confirming the holder's name, date of birth and that they have been released from custody of that service in the 6 months prior to the check.
4 A letter issued within the 3 months prior to the check from an officer of the National Offender Management Service in England and Wales confirming that the holder is the subject of an order requiring supervision by that officer; from an officer of a local authority in Scotland confirming that the holder is the subject of a probation order requiring supervision by that officer; or, from an officer of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland confirming that the holder is the subject of an order requiring supervision by that officer.
5 A current full or provisional photocard UK driving licence.
6 Benefits paperwork issued by HMRC, a UK Local Authority or Job Centre Plus, on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions or the Northern Ireland Department for Social Development, issued within the 3 months prior to the check.
7 A letter issued within the 3 months prior to the check signed by a representative of a public authority, voluntary organisation or charity which operates a scheme to assist individuals to secure accommodation in the private rented sector in order to prevent or resolve homelessness. This letter must confirm the holder's name, and the address details of the prospective tenancy which they are assisting with obtaining for the holder.
8 A letter issued within the 3 months prior to the check by a UK government department or Local Authority and signed by a named official (giving their name and professional address), confirming the holder's name and that they have previously been known to the department or local authority.
9 A letter issued within the 3 months prior to the check confirming the holder's name signed by the person who employs the holder (giving their name and business address) confirming the holder's status as employee and employee reference number or their National Insurance number.
10 A letter issued within the 3 months prior to the check from a British passport holder who works in (or is retired from) an acceptable profession as specified in the list of acceptable professional persons at Annex A. The letter should confirm the holder's name, and confirm that the acceptable professional person has known the holder for at least three months. This letter should be signed by the acceptable professional person giving their name, address, passport number, profession and place of work (or former place of work if retired), how long they have known the holder and in what capacity.
11 A letter from a UK police force confirming that the holder is a victim of crime and has reported a passport or Home Office biometric immigration document stolen, stating the crime reference number, issued within the 3 months prior to the check.
12 A letter issued within the 3 months prior to the check from a UK further or higher education institution confirming the holder’s acceptance on a current course of studies. This letter should include the name of the educational institution, as well as the name and duration of the course.
13 Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate (criminal record check) issued within the 3 months prior to the check.

List B - Time limited Right to Rent

List B - any one of these documents will be sufficient to establish a time limited right to rent.
Documents where a time-limited statutory excuse is established
1 A valid passport or other travel document endorsed to show that the holder is allowed to stay in the UK for a time-limited period.
2 A current biometric immigration document issued by the Home Office to the holder, which indicates that the named person is permitted to stay in the UK for a time limited period.
3 A current residence card (including an accession residence card or a derivative residence card) issued by the Home Office to a non-EEA national who is either a family member of an EEA or Swiss national or has a derivative right of residence.
4 A current immigration status document issued by the Home Office to the holder with a valid endorsement indicating that the named person may stay in the UK for a time-limited period.

Viewings: Viewings will be arranged at times to suit you, usually Tuesday to Friday during working hours.  You will be accompanied by a member of staff, who can give advice and answer any questions you may have.

Income Eligibility: All our properties have an eligibilty criteria, this means your income MUST be 2 1/2 times the rent.  For example if the rent is #500 per month, your income has to be at least #1250. We will need to see proof in the form of at least 3 months bank statements, wage slips, benefit awards letters etc. 

Finding and Reserving the Property: Once you have decided on a property, you will be required to complete an application form and pay a non refundable referencing fee (see below). The application must be fully completed and be supported with proof of income. (The acceptable proof of income list is below)  We will also need a photocopy of your identification (driving licence, passprt etc). Once an application has been received,  the property will not be shown to other prospective tenants. Referencing checks will then commence. If your application is successful you will need to pay a holding deposit to secure the property. (the property can only be secured for a maximum of 1 month) Assuming that the tenancy goes ahead, this will be deducted from the monies due before you move in. If the landlord withdraws the property from the rental market, the holding deposit will be refunded. However a fee equivalent to one month's rent will be charged if you decide not to proceed for any reason, if you fail to provide complete and accurate information in your application, or you cannot move within the agreed time. Your must meet the eligibility criteria as above.




The applicant must be employed for the tenancy agreement (or provide future employment details should they be changing jobs) Applicants on low incomes (less than 2.5 times the annual rent) will require a guarantor

We will not accept without a Guarantor any applicant on Zero Hours contracts. Temporary Contracts, Bank Staff or those employed solely by a recruitment agency additionally we would not “Pass” any applicant who has given Notice to Leave or Who is aware of any changes within their current employment status.


We require proof of the latest year’s submitted tax returns. If the applicant has an accountant, we’ll need to obtain a reference from them via our Accountants Certificate. If the applicant self-assesses, we’ll accept the latest year’s authenticated SA302s/SA100s (HM Revenue & Customs self-assessment forms)

Bank statements showing Ad Hoc payments only unless supported by an Accountants Certificate. Hand Written or typed unofficial invoices Non-Official bank statements – these must show: Applicants name, Bank name & logo and applicants account details. Excel transactions downloads/lists are not sufficient.


Applicants will always require a guarantor We recommend that Housing Benefit, or local Housing Allowance received is at least 85% of the applicant’s share of the rent


UK Students

will always require a guarantor


International students

sponsored by their Government do not require a guarantor if they can provide proof of sponsorship, and the annual amount is at least 2.5x times the annual rent

Corporate sponsored students


We can accept Disability Living Allowance. We may accept both Working and Child Tax Credits. Carers Allowance will be assessed on an individual basis      

Incapacity Benefit if it is short-term, written official proof will be required if Long-Term. Child Tax Credits the child care element of as this is for child care purposes only. Benefits that accounts for 75% or more of the overall applicants total income – without a Guarantor. Foster Carers Allowance. Child Support/Maintenance Payments.


We require the applicant’s most recent annual pension statement, a reference from their pension administrator or a P60 We will consider long-term savings held in a UK bank account that have been untouched for a minimum 6 month period prior to application. If renting we will conduct our standard “Landlord Reference” to ensure the state of their own tenancy. If a home-owner with a mortgage we will require the most recent mortgage statement supported by latest bank statements confirming mortgage payments are up to date – these must be for the previous 3 months prior to application.

Non-Official pension statements. Savings – Not held in a UK Bank account or that have been “disturbed” within the last 6 months. Poor or Bad Landlord Reference. History of Mortgage arrears or late payments.


We require the last six months’ UK bank statements showing savings of at least three times the rent for the term of the tenancy

We do not accept Shares, Investments , Premium Bonds or any other form of short-term savings / dealings.

Existing Private Renting Tenant 

In addition to our standard ID & Credit checks we will also require an acceptable reference from the applicant’s current landlord or managing/letting agent


Employment References 

We need all completed employers’ references to be either written/printed on company headed paper or a fax header, or be stamped with a company stamp - unless provided to us on our web reference request document. As calls are recorded we can obtain verbal references from a suitably authorised Manager / Business Owner.

We will not accept verbal references to or from mobile phone numbers. The number given for the employer must be the official business telephone number – Please Note this information will be checked prior to the reference. References can only be provided by those within the employer’s business who are authorised by the employer to disclose such information. Web references can only be returned to us from the authorised email address given to us at the application stage.

References: As a minimum we will require satisfactory references from your employer (or college), and a previous or current landlord. We may also require a personal reference, and sometimes a Guarantor. In addition a credit check will be undertaken. We may use the services of an independent referencing company to obtain and evaluate these references.

Guarantor: You may be required to provide a Guarantor.  This person Must be someone over the age of 18 who enters into the agreement for the term of your occupancy in the property.  They will required to complete a Guarantor application form and a credit check will be undertaken.  In addition they must also have income of at least 3 times the rent on your prospective property. We also require proof of their income.

Rents: Rents are normally quoted calendar monthly, and payable monthly in advance. The tenant is also responsible for Council Tax, Water Rates, Gas, Electricity and Telephone costs. All rents are payable by bank standing order to our company bank account.

Deposit/Bond: A security deposit of a minimum of one month's rental must be paid, and will be dealt with in accordance with the latest Government legislation. This is held to cover damage, breakages, and any other liabilities under the terms of your tenancy agreement. Please note that under no circumstances can the deposit be used by the tenant to cover rent.



Referencing Fee:                                                               £36.00 (including VAT)   per person   Referencing per person (identity, immigration, financial credit checks, references from current and/or previous landlords/employers and any other relevant information to access affordability. THIS IS A NON-REFUNDABLE FEE SHOULD YOU WITHDRAW YOUR APPLICATION OR FAIL REFERENCING.

Guarantor referencing Fee:                                                      £36.00  (including VAT)  per person          Covering credit referencing and preparing the Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement.

Tenancy Agreement Fee:                                                       £120.00  (including VAT)                     Preparation of the Tenancy agreement and the associated paperwork, accompanied check in and explaining how appliances work, taking meter readings and advising utilities and services. (except for pre-payment meters), submission of the tenancy deposit.


Amendment Fee:                                                                £36.00 (including VAT)                           Obtaining landlord consent, issuing new paperwork and notifying the relevant tenancy deposit scheme if applicable

Unpaid/overdue rent payments will be subject to interest at the rate of 6% per annum calculated from the date the payment was due up until the date the payment was received.

Breach of tenancy:                                                             £20.00 (including VAT)                                    For each letter the Landlord/Landlord’s Agent has to send to the Tenant concerning breaches of the tenancy agreement.  This includes letters in relation to late rent payments.

Returned Rent Payments:                                                   £20.00 (including VAT)                                    For any payment presented to the Landlord’s/Landlord’s Agent bank but returned, refused of re-presented by the bank for any reason.  This fee will be payable for each presentation which fails.

 ENDING YOUR TENANCY:                                  



Failure to cancel standing order:                                       £7.50 (including VAT)                                          If we have to refund rent payments of any kind made by you after the end of your tenancy.


These fees are correct at this time and are subject to change. Beamond Rentals Limited reserve the right to amend fees as and when necessary. 



Insurance - for Tenants
Please click on the Insurance tab to view policies available.